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Year 2016 has been a very special year for real estate in Pakistan. We have seen prices rising to the top followed by a major correction after 1st July 2016 after the imposition of Taxes by the federal Government. Year 2016 has offered us a lot of opportunities to make money in real estate, including short term trading during the summers to long term buying by the end of the year. A few more days before we enter 2017 and a lot of opportunities wait for us on the horizon.

At imlaak we only deal in select societies and we try to bring you the most safest investments with maximum growth potentials from all over Pakistan. The list of societies which are potential game changers and best to invest in year 2017 are as under:

  • DHA Lahore Residential Plots Phase 7, 8, 9, 10
  • DHA Lahore Commercial Plots Phase & Rahber
  • DHA Gujranwalla
  • DHA Multan
  • Gwadar Open Land
  • Sanghar Housing Scheme Gwadar

We have selected these societies based on merit, safety, zero risk and maximum profits. Besides this there are a lot of opportunities available all over Pakistan including Bahria town Karachi, DHA Karachi and Islamabad, however we do not intend to over stretch our clients as we can easily achieve the same growth in areas we have selected already.

DHA Lahore residential plots investment forecast

When it comes to DHA Lahore there are a lot of areas you need to focus on such as :

  • DHA Lahore Phase 5 M Block Ext

    • Possession is expected in the year 2017 and it is a good place to invest or construct a house. An underpass is proposed & approved to link M block ext with rest of DHA Phase 5 and the work is expected to start in 2017 as well.
  • DHA Lahore Phase 7

    • Personally we will prefer investment in DHA Phase 7 Lahore during the first half of the year 2017. We believe that the prices are reasonable and any one with a limited budget is most likely to prefer Phase 7 for immediate construction of house. However we must remember that Phase 7 demand is mainly because of its low price therefore do not expect the prices to sky rocket.
  • DHA Lahore Phase 6

    • In the wake of Phase 8 possession, we believe that there will be a natural shift of people & builders to construct houses in Phase 8. With more options available to the people, genuine demand may decrease in Phase 6. This may not have any major effect on the prices of Phase 6 plots, but it will surely reduce interest of investment in Phase 6 in 2017.
  • DHA Lahore Phase 8

    • This is where all the action will be seen in 2017. The possession of S Block is planned for 29th Dec 2016, just before the start of the new year and we are expecting possession of complete Phase 8 in 2017. Residential plots in Phase 8 will see a major uptrend in 2017 and it will be a heaven for short term and mid term traders.
    • We may see a renewed interest in Z block of Phase 8 after the possession of Phase 8 Proper.

Update Jan 2017 : The phase 8 Possession announced on 29th Dec 2016 included all blocks and therefore we believe that short term trading in Phase 8 may suffer . It would have been better if only S block possession was given and a tentative date for possession of other plots should have been announced.

  • DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism

    • Phase 9 Prism may be a bit slow because of investor focus on Phase 8. Also we believe the prices need to adjust a bit more, i believe that the best time to buy in 9 Prism will be in the second half of the year 2017. For detailed information about 9 Prism trends in 2017 read my article buy or not to buy 9 Prism plot.
  • DHA Lahore Phase 10

    • This is the latest entry in DHA Family and is expected to attract investors in the year 2017. However 60 lacs for a 1 kanal file in Phase 10 is just not attractive for investors, we will hope that it reaches at least 50 Lacs in 2017 fingers crossed.

DHA Lahore commercial investments forecast

How can we leave the big guns behind when it comes to real estate investment. DHA Lahore commercial areas which you should focus on during 2017 are as under:

  • CCA 1 & CCA 2 of Phase 8

    • Yes, the possession news of Phase 8 will give a boost to the prices in CCA 1 and CCA 2, however we are not expecting them to sky rocket as they are already on a higher ceiling. We will see a a genuine demand by investors who plan to construct plazas in CCA 1 & CCA 2 of Phase 8 in DHA Lahore.
  • Broadway Commercial Phase 8

    • The possession of Phase 8 will benefit the commercial in Broadway of Phase 8 and will help start healthy commercial activity. We believe that the commercials in Phase 8 Broadway will continue to see a steady growth in the year 2017.
  • Park view 4 Marla Files Phase 8

    • Balloting is expected for the 4 Marla commercial files in Shivpur and Malikpur and we believe that the prices will take a steep rise as presently they are available in only 250 to 260 Lacs. We do believe that these files will cross 300 lacs and may reach up to 350 lacs in the first half of 2017.
  • MB Commercials

    • We will see a renewed interest in MB phase 6 on the wings of possession of Phase 8 Lahore, specially in the areas in front of S and T block of DHA Lahore Phase 8.
  • CCA 2 Phase 6

    • Phase 6 CCA 2 is probably not a favorite at this moment in 2017. However developments in 9 Town and further in 9 Prism will prove to be beneficial for CCA 2 of phase 6.
  • CCA 1,2,3 & 4 Phase 7

    • Just like residential plots of Phase 7, the commercial plots may not see a lot of interest in 2017. They will be attractive for investors with a low budget. However if we compare the Phase 7 commercial with commercials having the same price range in Phase 8 Air Avenue and Park View, our focus shifts to the phase 8 commercials. Balloting of 4 Marla commercial files in Phase 7 will surely add 4 to 5 Million in 2017.
  • 9 Town 4 Marla Files

    • Balloting is expected in 9 Town, but the prices have already risen to 280 to 290 Lacs. Lack of development in 9 Town residential sector & presence of CCA 2 in developed Phase 6 just on the other side of the bedian road may produce negative effect on 4 Marla commercials of 9 town.
  • Zone 1 , 2 & 3 & Oval commercial Phase 9 prism

    • Personally i believe the prices are way too high already for a commercial which is not expected to deliver any rental incomes in at least next 5 to 7 years. We will hope that the prices come down a bit before investing in commercials of Phase 9 prism.
  • DHA Phase 11, Phase 2 Ext Rahber Commercial

    • Balloting of phase 2 ext in Rahber is expected in year 2017 and commercials will gain 4 to 5 Million tops on the present prices. However we will prefer to invest in Phase 7, Phase 8 and 9 Town commercials, unless rahber commercials go down to 160 to 170 Lacs.

DHA Gujranwalla & Multan forecast

Big news are expected in both these DHA’s . Balloting rumors in Multan DHA are very strong, however DHA Gujranwalla is lacking behind schedule too and we may get a surprise soon as well. Whatever happens both these DHA are excellent places to invest in 2017.

Gwadar real estate forecast Forecast

It will be right to say that 2017 will be the year of Gwadar. Gwadar has shown extraordinary growth in past year and will continue to do so for the brave.

  • Sanghar Housing Scheme

    • Sanghar is the best scheme in Gwadar and is most safe to invest. We have already seen prices almost double in the last year and we are forecasting that the prices will continue to rise in 2017 as development work is going to start in Sanghar soon.
  • Marine Drive

    • Marine drive commercials will continue to gain more in 2017 as they offer the best sea view and most lucrative for high rise buildings, apartments and hotels in future.
  • Open Land

    • The best place to buy raw land is Gwadar and it is still very cheap. The earlier you get it, more rewarding it will be.
  • Jinnah Avenue Commercials

    • Next best thing to acquire commercial is Jinna Avenue . The area between old airport and coastal highway is very attractive for investment in 2017.
  • Industrial Zone Gwadar

    • Last but not the least on our list is industrial zone of Gwadar, which is likely to develop before commercial and residential areas but industrial land has limitations in terms of price.

We have not included many sectors where we do not see much real estate activity in 2017. Although we will include more details in next few days and if you think we have missed out on some important area, kindly highlight it and we will try to update it.