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Khushbakht Heights Gwadar, Pakistan

Khushbakht Heights Gwadar, Pakistan

World’s Future Business Hub

Gwadar is a district along the sea in south of the Makran. The coastline of Gwadar District is about 600 Kilometers long. It is bounded on the North by Kech and Awaran District. On the East by Lasbela District, on the south by the Arabia Sea and on the West by Iran. Total area of the district is 12,637 square kilometers. The district comprises of Gwadar and Pasni Sub-divisions. The coastline of Gwadar District extends in an east-west direction and it is almost entirely desert. The mountainous area of the district is covered with lithosols and rigosols. Limestone, shale and sandstone are the main rocks involved in the formation of this area.
The construction work at Gwadar Port was started in March 2002. Gwadar Development Authority was established in October 2003 to provide necessary civic amenities to the Gwadar Port City. The initial phase of the Port Project has been completed in 2005. As this project is of immense national importance, which is also designed particularly to benefit the local people of the area such as job opportunities, improved social services delivery, venues for business and trade etc. Investors from all parts of the country and abroad are warmly welcomed. The people of Mekran, Gwadar and other adjoining districts are particularly encouraged to invest and avail the benefits from the project.

The Project!
A Golden Investment
In the center of Gwadar City, an elegantly designed residential and shopping palace namely Khushbakht Heights Gwadar offering high-end luxurious residential apartments and state of the art shopping area with new technology escalator. The most important feature of this arcade is the planning of the shops, offices and apartments and overall modern design of the building. The residences have a sufficient flow of air, external views, and inflow of natural light throughout the apartments and passages that enhances that ventilation of the building hence healthy lifestyle.
The arcade has two floors for commercial & offices use, and four floors for luxury apartments and basement is reserved for car parking of apratments. It has two high speed elevators and wide airy stairs.

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